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Questions: (10JHD each

1 - How old is the world's oldest person?

2 - How old is the world's oldest animal?

3 - How old is the Eiffel Tower?

4 - How old is Shenzhen?

5 - How old is Tyrone Davies?

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2.A turtle which is 176




1 - Who is that old?? Is there a name??

2 - I thought that turtle died. What is the turtle's name?

3 - 123 years old - correct! 10HD!!

4 - Not that old yet!! Try again!!

5 - Very close!!! add 2 more years!! :)

5. Old enough

1,She is 奥玛 in Malaysia But she is still applying the Guiness. You can google it.

2.Its name was Jonathan.

4.Does Shenzhen means Shenzhen special econimic zone? If so, I will say 32. Because it is set up in 1980.

5.Tyrone admitted that.

1 - Really? Does she have a birth certificate? To my knowledge  "Juana Bautista de la Candelaria Rodriguez" is the olderst living person at the age of 127. Where can I read about 奥玛?

2 - Yes! Jonathon the turtle!! 10JHD!

4 - Yes, but Shenzhen is really only 31 as it has not had this years birthday yet! :P 10JHD!

5 - Tyrone might be stretching the truth a bit on that! 

1.You can browse this page

5.I believe Tyrone is honest, he mustn't do that. So let's believe it's truth.

1 - oh this article is in Chinese!! I will have to get 燕燕老师 to help me read it!

5 - Yes Tyrone is honest. I guess he really is 18! 

50 JHD for you today Kun!!!

1. 122 years old, from France, he was the oldest person certificated by the Guinness Book of Records.
2. It's crocodile and still alive in the world
3. It's 122, built in 1890.
4. 33years old , It was built in Mar, 1979.
5. looks like 20year old.

1 - Is this person still alive? What is his name?

2 - Really? Is it older than Jonathan the Turtle? What is his it's name?

3 - Yes, but Kun has already answered this question - Only the first student to answer the question gets JHD! :P

4 and 5 have also already been answered. Shenzhen is officially only 31! Hu Jintao was here last year for the 30th Birthday party.

1. Strictly speaking, She was 122 years, and plus 164 days , named  Jeanne Calment (21 February 1875 – 4 August 1997).

2. Sorry for my misunderstanding the meaning of the sentence,  The oldest living animal is Arctica islandica clam, It was discovered to be at least 405 years old.

1 - yes, but now she is dead, so she is no longer the world's oldest person. :P

2 - Wow! That is older than the Jonathan the turtle!! 10 JHD for you!! Kun! You now owe me 10JHD!! :)!!

I won't give your 10 JHD back, haha. It's a punishment because you didn't believe Tyrone before.


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